About Us

We are an italian artisanal firm focused on slotcar models replica for collectors.  

Ostorero Slot Models start with the slotcar world at the end of 2003.
But from the end of the '70s to the end of the '80s produced several static models of F1 directly for the team.
We produced our slotcar models sometimes from original draws and sometimes after long and detailed search with many photographs.
All the handmade prototypes are then embellished with additional parts in resin and photo-etched.
The decals for all models are expecially projected and produced with the exact logos and colours of the sponsors, the drivers, race numbers etc.
The paintwork is the same used for the real cars, while all the small parts and finer details are hand painted.
We had also realized some models of various series like Nascar, Indy, Sport GT, F 1 and MotoGP and Superbikes by direct order from the original Teams and Sponsors.
Manufacture passage : after the scale draws in 2D, then in 3D, we realize some parts of the prototype by hand with lathe and milling machine and some other parts in selective laser sintering. 
After accurate cleaning from residuing of the mould, we pass at the hand paintwork of all smaller details.
Now we apply the water decals and we proceed to the assembly, assembling all details, photo-etched included, sometimes already painted apart and in the end we assemble wheels and tyres.
After a careful check, if all it’s ok....the model is ready !